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In our continuing effort to be a cutting edge retailer, Fishpaws has installed a spirit tasting station. You can now sample exciting premium spirit brands. We will offer serving sizes of ½ oz. or a full ounce. We feature selected brands every month.

Fishpaws Own Single Barrel Whiskies

What is a single barrel bourbon? When new whiskey goes into the barrel, it all starts life out pretty much equal. But once the barrel is tucked away in the rickhouse, it might age a little differently from the barrel three floors up or the one at the other end of the building. Where that barrel spends its aging years has a lot to do with the flavor characteristics of the whiskey as it matures inside. For a Single Barrel Bourbon, then, there is no "marrying. A Single Barrel Bourbon is a rare find, actually, because it - and it alone - contains all the qualities we seek in that particular product. It’s a one of a kind.


This 86-proof 12 year-old Rye Whiskey is a marriage of whiskeys aged in New American Oak and ingeniously finished in Sauternes (37%), Maderia (50%) and Port casks (13%). Fishpaws staff used a beaker and pipette, to create an individual Despoke Blend. We hope you will enjoy!

The whiskey has a nose of caramel, baking spices and white pepper. The palate is creamy with distinct rye flavors with peach notes and a dark chocolate finish It also contains flavors of caramel, burnt brown sugar and citrus notes.

$119.99/750ml JUST ARRIVED 6/2017

Blantons small
 Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon 

Aged since December 19, 2010 in barrel, in Warehouse H, Floor 3, Rick House Row 3. Fishpaws choose this specific barrel from a choice of 3 barrels. The nose is of honey, caramel, vanilla and crème brulee. The palate is delicate, creamy and soft but fills the entire palate. There are notes of burnt sugar, crème brulee with a note of orange peel with a smooth finish. This product will be limited to one bottle per person.



Four Roses Barrel label July 2017smallJPGFour Roses Private Barrel Selection

In June of 2017, Angela Dicenzo, General Manager, Kim Lawson, owner, Chris Rausch, Beer Manager and Dylan Edwards, Kim’s son, headed down to Kentucky to pick 
out a Four Roses Private Select Barrel. We were presented with 7 barrels. Connie Brieger, our Maryland representative and Mandy Vance, Private Barrel Selection Manager assisted us through the process.

Four Roses is unlike any other Bourbon. Perhaps it’s because only Four Roses handcrafts 10 distinct and extraordinary Bourbon recipes. It was difficult but we actually narrowed down to two barrels. We have just received on August 22, 2017 the first of the two. It is an OESK mashbill aged 9 years 9 months at 106.2 proof. This mashbill is a rare combination.

O – Rich Fruitiness
E – 75% Corn, 20% Rye, 5% Malted Barley
S – Single Barrel
K – Slight Spice

Tasting Notes: The nose is of sweet candy and cardamom spice which imparts hints of lemon, mint and smoke. We tasted citrus notes, caramel with bright notes of orange, vanilla with a hint of spice. It is soft, smooth and mellow. The spice lingers on the finish. It is very easy drinking.

$74.99/750ml Just Arrived 7/2017 

Makers46singlebarrelbottlesmallMakers Mark 46 Private Selection

Maker’s 46 began as fully matured Maker’s Mark aged in charred American oak barrels. The French oak staves were carefully inserted into the empty barrels to enhance the vanilla, spice and oak flavors. Finally the barrel was returned to the warehouse to age a bit longer and create the bigger, bolder more complex taste of Maker’s 46. Now you can experience the thrill of creating your own version of Maker’s Mark, with the Private Selection program.

Angela, Kim and Anthony Truzzulo, our Beam representative headed down to Maker’s Mark on March 23, 2107 to create our own Maker’s Mark 46 Private Selection. The process entailed starting with the Maker’s Mark Cask Strength and choosing 10 staves to create our own selection. We choose from 1001 possible combinations of five different wood staves. The staves choices were the following:

P2 – Baked American Pure 2
Cu – Seared French Cuvée
46 – Maker’s 46
Mo – Roasted French Mocha
Sp – Toasted French Spice

We started with Maker’s Mark Cask Strength Bourbon then tried 4 different stave combinations. Our final and favorite combination was 2 Baked American Pure 2, 4 Maker’s 46, 3 Roasted French Mocha and 1 Toasted French Spice. We were told that no one had chosen our combination so far, so it is truly a one of a kind.

Tasting notes: The nose is sweet and soft Meyer lemon flower scent, dried fruit, and cinnamon with vanilla accents. The bourbon stars off with bitter chocolate followed by stone fruit with waves of apricot with nutmeg throughout. The finish is of cinnamon, white pepper and extremely smooth. Bottled at 111.7 proof, our combination is a perfect winter warmer to enjoy by the fire.

Our Selection has aged in the barrel and arrived to us today, September 19, 2017. We are so excited to present it to you! 

$79.99/750ml Just Arrived 9/2017

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